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We empower people across the globe to exchange their health data on our uniquely neutral and independent platform.

healthbank drives innovation in health sciences, from prevention to cure, at a better price with better quality for the benefit of both the individual and society.

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Collect all your health data in one place

  • Does your doctor keep an electronic record of your visit?

  • Do you track your fitness or sleep patterns?

  • Do you use a heartrate monitor, inhaler, glucose meter or other IoT device?

  • The data from all of them can be stored in your healthbank account.

Manage who you share your data with

  • Would you like to share the data you have collected with your doctor or care team?

  • Would you like for a loved one to have access to help manage your care?

  • With a healthbank account you can.

  • You choose who you want to share with, what you want to share, and just as important, you can change your mind and stop sharing at any time without any data having left your account.


Earn rewards by supporting research with your data

  • Your data could hold the key to the next medical breakthrough.

  • You can pick the research topic you want to support and if you agree with the reward, share your data.

  • You will always know what you will be sharing and with whom.


Keep your health data safe the Swiss way

  • Your data should be stored safely and securely as it is very personal to you.

  • Your healthbank account has the same strength of security as used by Swiss financial institutions and we keep all the bits and bytes in a secure location in Switzerland.

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