healthbank and ReHaptix are happy to announce a partnership on a joint project

The project aims to offer access to ReHaptix’ tests via the healthbank platform and thereby perfectly combine the strengths of both companies: innovative solutions to monitor rehabilitation and the will to promote digitalization in the healthcare sector. Thanks to this partnership, neurologically impaired patients will benefit by receiving access to clinically validated tests to measure their motor dysfunctions. Combining patients’ data on the healthbank platform with their results from ReHaptix’ digital assessment tests can give valuable insights into the efficacy of their treatment. During this process and beyond, data will always remain in complete ownership of the user.

About ReHaptix

ReHaptix is a mobile health company that develops clinically validated digital tests, which allow healthcare professionals better monitoring the rehabilitation of neurologically impaired patients suffering from stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. The results of ReHaptix’ digital tests are objective and more sensitive compared to conventional tests. Healthcare professionals can evaluate inbound and outbound patients, while patients can perform the tests at home and remotely share their results with their healthcare professionals.

About healthbank

healthbank is the world’s first people-owned health data transaction platform connecting data sources from all facets of the healthcare ecosystem and rewarding participants for sharing their data for research purposes. Based in Switzerland, healthbank leverages Swiss neutrality, trust and data privacy to enable users, researchers and organizations with large data sets to unlock the value of health and medical data on its independent, global transaction platform.

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