What is more important for users to manage health data: convenience or trust?

“Have you ever read through general terms & conditions when you download a new health app or register for a new account?” Even so you might feel a little bit uncomfortable accepting that the application uses access to all your contacts, even so you do not understand the reason.  My daughter covers the camera of her iMac with a sticker, even so a light should indicate when the camera is operational.

To control the data collection is not always as easy as to block the video by a sticker.

Big players like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. have all the resources to make the collection and use of data extremely simple and convenient for their users. The barrier to use the emergency service of Google on the new Android phone is very little. You add your allergies and vaccinations. In case of an emergency these are very important information, BUT have you ever thought, what is possible with this information?

A very close friend of mine was diagnosed diabetes type II. 3 weeks later he got from several diabetes service providers and pharma companies test packages and ads. He approached his doctor and asked whether he shared his data? The only party he has shared the data was the health insurance.

What if he would have had a healthbank account where he has full transparency who has access to data?

Whom do you trust to manage and provide access to your data on behalf of yourself?
We believe that the only organization without any particular interest is an organization that belongs 100% to yourself.

So do not just follow convenience but take a short brake and think about whom you trust to manage your personal health data.

By Reto Schegg  healthbank


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