End-to-end encryption at healthbank

Encryption is important. This central insight results from the age-old need to keep information between people secret. In recent history, which has been shaped by analogy, postal secrecy has been established for this purpose. Electronic communication requires adaptation and in most cases requires high levels of protection in order to achieve secure and confidential communication. The internet without encryption would make about as much sense as a house without lockable doors. Encryption means security and without security no one is willing to trust. Cloud services such as those used by healthbank, in particular, rely on modern encryption methods. But what exactly is encrypted and what options do healthbank users have?

How our end-to-end encryption works
One of our impressive features in healthbank 2.0 is our new security architecture with an end-to-end encryption. This is how it works:

End-to-end encryption takes place when two parties communicate with each other and want to make absolutely sure that no one else will able to read the information being communicated. Here, we can differentiate between two keys: the private and the public key.

The private key is used on your very own device (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) to fully encrypt your data, and the public key is shared and usually stored at a registrar where the key is matched with an identity. Messages are encrypted with a public key and can only be decrypted with the associated private key. healthbank applies this process on personal data storage.

Example: Imagine you have a house in Switzerland with a (private) key on your device that opens the door and a (public) key to close that same door. Only your private key can open the door. Now you are on holiday and a handyman has to fix several issues within your house. You can grant the handyman access by adding his public key to the lock, so he can open that door with this private key. He can now enter and do his work before you come back from holiday.

Your health data will already be encrypted on your device (your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) before it is even sent to healthbank’s cloud systems. This way we can make absolutely sure that only encrypted data is being transported and nobody can read this data without having your private key.

But that’s not everything about end-to-end encryption: Within healthbank, we build the connections to other users on a whole new level as well. This means that every single piece of data that you decide to share with other people will be fully encrypted. Only people that you agree to share your private key with can decrypt the data you share with them.

Do you want to know more about this feature? Contact us at support@healthbank.coop

We are working to keep your data completely safe and in your very own hands. Because we believe that it’s: your health, your data and your privacy.

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