The benefits of healthbank part 2

In the first part of this two part series, we explained what advantages healthbank brings to its users and society. healthbank operates the world’s most advanced health data platform as a Swiss cooperative that allows users to have full control and access to health data.

To finance the further growth of the cooperative, healthbank has decided to launch a Security Token Offering (STO) that has been met with great interest. “At healthbank, not only does your data belong to you as a user, but the company also belongs to you, which clearly distinguishes us from our competitors. In addition, healthbank sees itself clearly strengthened by the approach of a solid and tested form of financing comparable to a digital IPO. In addition to marketing for user acquisition, the funds will be used in particular for the expansion and scalability of the platform and to open up further interfaces to providers of health apps”, explains Stampa.

Our STO – an equity backed investment on a solid level
“Our security token is represented by the company’s equity, the share certificates, which give an investor more security – similar to a company’s share” explains Stampa. This point is particularly important for regulatory authorities, which is why healthbank sought contact with the relevant authorities at an early stage and had its compliance checked. “The healthbank documents are therefore comparable to the level of a financial market prospectus in terms of quality and informative value,” explains the CFO of healthbank. “The “tokenised” share certificates of the healthbank cooperative will be listed and tradable at various trading centres in the future.

Dividend rights & long-term growth: the benefits of investing in healthbank tokens?
“By investing in our security token, every individual has the opportunity to profit from the growing value of healthbank’s ecosystem. A commitment to healthbank is an investment in a market-proven company and can thus contribute to the success of a neutral and independent health data ecosystem.” Karsten Stampa adds: “In addition, an investor benefits from the long-term success of healthbank. The healthbank STO strategy thus differs from most of the existing ICO processes worldwide in that it pursues a long-term perspective linked to a solid asset, combined with a sustainable business model,” says Stampa. With the security token financing, healthbank can also extend its model to other countries worldwide. “This will enable us to export our model for the future.

Use of funds: executing a rapid internationalization strategy

With the security token financing, healthbank can expand its model to other countries worldwide. “This will enable us to export our future model. The healthbank cooperative is based in Switzerland and enables users to share their data with other partners in a secure and data protection-compliant manner.  healthbank connects data sources of all kinds from the entire health sector and rewards participants for sharing their health data for research purposes as well. For various reasons (including legislation), local operating companies are also operated in the respective countries. “In this way, we can transport the philosophy and values of the Swiss cooperative to these countries and allow the healthbank ecosystem to grow rapidly worldwide,” says Stampa.

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