Outlook healthbank 2019

A new year, new solutions, new partners – we at healthbank are ready to tackle 2019.

The global healthcare system will face more challenges this year, factors such as new treatment options, demographic changes, a stronger focus on health and well-being, as well as widely accessible information on diagnostics and therapies together with AI in health care are fast moving changes which need to be implemented in various ways by various companies.
All these data are stored in different silos, mostly not connected with each other. healthbank is breaking down those data silos by storing them securely on one platform and, if the individual user so desires, shares those data with doctors, specialists or makes them available for research purposes. This saves extensive costs. Studies (e.g. by Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research) speak of several hundred billion dollars, which could be saved in the health system in the USA alone. Having all that data on one secure platform will also improve therapy opportunities as the specialists will have a holistic health profile of the patient.

healthbank’s innovative team will continue to drive its master plan forward this year
“Over the next 12 months, we will focus on two things: First, we will continue the seamless integration of health services and partner apps (like we did with our partners Thryve, Galenica and Sanovation in 2018) as well as expanding disease specific ecosystems (e.g. Diabetes, Stroke and others) together with big players in the market. Secondly, we will be further expanding our services internationally. Initial steps have been taken in Germany, USA and the Middle East” explains Reto Schegg, CEO of healthbank.

On February 28th we will launch our STO (more information on www.healthbank.info). “The Secure Token financing allows us to expand healthbank to other countries and generate new users and especially speed up our platform development,” says Karsten Stampa, COO/CFO of healthbank. “This will enable us to transport the philosophy and values of the Swiss cooperative to other countries and to allow the healthbank ecosystem to continue to flourish”.

A glimpse into the future
“The goal of healthbank is to support 10 million active users in five years’ time,” explains Stampa. For the establishment and operation of healthbank in Switzerland and other countries, more employees will have to be recruited, says Stampa. “We are looking at having a significant increase of staff count, depending on how intensively and quickly we roll out our services”.

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