Introduction to the article: “An outlook on data privacy” by Tincture

In the second week of January 2019 Tincture published a great article that summarized all of the major data breaches that occurred in 2018 and the astonishing number of data attacks that have happened since 2005.

Reading the article, it becomes clear that most of the companies do not prioritize investments in security infrastructure and training until it’s too late. In addition, it is easy to understand that our personal data is at risk daily and we should care about how companies deal with our data.

As it turns out, hackers often steal data to forge credentials to buy medical equipment, prescription medications, or to use patient information to file false claims with insurers. However, a reliable solution that could be implemented and adopted is blockchain. Blockchains utilize security measures like end-to-end encryption, cryptographic hashing, timestamps, trestles verification, and public/private key encryption to keep our data safe.

Read more in the following article, and discover more about how we can protect ourselves:



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