Infographic: 7 ways to improve patient engagement

Patient engagement is a hot topic that is becoming more and more mainstream. The term is used to describe everything from patient portals to social media strategies, from tracking vitals with wearables to patients actively participating in their own health and wellness. HIMSS published a leadership survey during the event, revealing that 72 percent of the respondents identified consumer and patient considerations, such as engagement, satisfaction and quality of care, as the business issue most impacting their organisations over the next two years.

Patient engagement is at the cornerstone of what healthbank is building: the world’s first citizen-owned healthdata transaction platform. Our aim is to help you leverage the most valuable asset: your health

This infographic from eVisit outlines some statistics showing the need for better patient engagement. Those include:

  • Access to medical records online
  • Email marketing
  • Health apps
  • Virtual doctor visits

Take a look:




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