We want to know YOUR opinion!

In the last months we have been very busy and made good use of our time. A solid foundation has been laid and we will now move into the next phase of developing additional, needs-orientated functionalities. Since we are preparing the ground for this next level we are in the onboarding process of an additional team, consisting of highly specialized developers.

But when talking about further development and creating healthbank’s future, we still continue to focus on our main principle of being people-owned. And that’s why we wish to ask for your ideas, your requirements and your needs. Your input is valuable to us and very inspiring. So, please share it with us and thereby shape the platform according to your personal wishes!

Maybe you could spare less than 10 minutes to complete our questionnaire. It is available in English and German language, just choose the one you prefer.

Questionnaire (English)

Fragebogen (Deutsch)

After evaluation of the questionnaires we will condense your feedback and make it real. However, if that wouldn’t be enough, our team will also work on the improvement of healthbank’s overall usability and user experience.

As you can see, we keep on moving, to make healthbank THE platform for health data storing, processing and management.

Please feel free to share the links to both questionnaires within your personal network. With your support we will reach the next milestones!




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