We #MakeHealthDataYourData – and fully respect your privacy.

At healthbank, we believe that your data should be your data and it should be only you, who decides who to share them with.


This means, that

  • You will own all data that you agree to connect with, upload to or store in your healthbank user account.

    We designed healthbank in a way that enables you to own all your data and that will not touch your very own data without your explicit consent. One of the core principles is that healthbank is only providing the infrastructure to store and process data whilst enabling you as a user to store your data safely. The system and its management is being strictly controlled and supervised by the healthbank cooperative.
    By the way: our website (i.e. the pages you are looking at right now) is not built to collect any of your health data. If you want to collect and store health data, simply open a user account on our platform www.healthbank.me
  • We will provide you with a detailed consent management, which enables you to fully choose WHOM to share WHAT kind of data with.

    Sharing data on the healthbank.me platform is completely your choice. The so-called consent mechanism enables you as a user to a) categorize all health data that is being uploaded to your account automatically or manually, and b) decide whom you share your data with. For example, you may choose to share heart-related data with your cardiologist – but not your data related to your dental records.
    You can decide if you only want to show data, change data or even allow others (family members, friends, doctors) to write data into your account, which might be beneficial to allow your doctor to upload his documents directly into your account.
    You can also choose to timely restrict sharing your data, e.g. if you want to give your cardiologist access to heart-related data just for the next week.
    You also do not have to share any of your health data. If at any time you change your mind and want to stop sharing your data, it only takes a couple of clicks.
  • We will fully respect your privacy and neither see, process or analyze your health data without your explicit consent.

    healthbank will never look at or even touch your health data without your explicit consent. This means we will not even know what data exactly you are storing in your account.
    All we want and need to know is what kind of data you are storing by measuring some statistical meta and statistical data. For example, we will see that you are storing heart rate data from your fitness tracker, but we’ll not know what your heart rate is. Gathering meta and statistical data enables us to provide the services we want to provide for you, evaluate your user experience and get better suggestions for you how to use your healthbank even better.
    We do from time to time post content on healthbank.coop from third parties providers like YouTube, Twitter, news sites or others that might use tracking cookies in their service. We cannot change their behavior and have to ask you to be very careful accessing any of this content. The only way to be 100% sure that no personal data is tracked by third parties is to not access the links to their services.
    By the way: The platform www.healthbank.me itself has its own privacy policy, which explains what statistical data we are collecting to manage and grow the platform for you.


We hope all the above is clear and explained in an understandable manner. Nonetheless, we love to hear from you and you can reach us at: info@healthbank.coop


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